Wednesday, 15 June 2011

cara-CARA edit picture lomo dalam PS..

salam...haii dah lamer xmenaip kat blog nie... kali nie yein nak ajr cmne nk edit pic pakai PS..
Step 1: Open the image that you want to create the lomo effect in PHOTOSHOP and apply a brightness/contrast adjustment layer.

step 2:Then apply the following settings to a levels  adjustment layer.

step 3:Create a new blank layer and fill it with white, setting the blend mode of the layer to multiply. Then go to Filter>Distort>Lens Correction and apply the following setting: Lens Correction : -100. Leave all the other settings at the default.

step 4:Press crtl-shift-alt-E to create a merged copy of what you are working on. Go to Filters>Blur> Gaussian Blur.

 step 5:Apply a gradient adjustment layer to the top of all of your layers.The colour I have used here is: #ff6e02
  1. location 0%
  2. location  8%
  3. location 100%

step6:To create your own gradient open up the  gradient editor and place three different stops along the bottom like the screenshot:

step 7:Then make sure that you have 4 opacity stops at the top.

  1. location 0% with opacity 0%
  2. location 8% with opacity 100%
  3. location 20% with opacity 0%
  4. location 100% with opacity 100%
You can also change the colour of the light leak or the intensity by moving the stops around.
Change the blend mode of the adjustment layer to pin light and the opacity to 90% and you’re DONE!